GL Power LEW Services

Our team of Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW) can conduct approved electrical services for your electrical installations. Our LEW services include inspections, consultancy services, LEW safety training and more.


    LEW Services/EMA Licensing

    We provide LEW services and renew EMA electrical installation license for 22kV and LV installations.

    Besides LEW services and EMA LEW renewal of license service, we also provide submission services to SPPG such as upgrading of supply, new supply connection and new connection with distributed generation (cogen).

  • LEW endorsement

    Electrical PE/LEW Endorsement/Consultancy

    Our Professional Engineer review and endorse drawings and reports.

    Our various consultancy services include feasibility studies, preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation and project management. We also provide PE endorsement for lightning protection.

  • Post

    Electrical System Study

    We provide electrical system study services for:
    * Short Circuit Analysis
    * Load Flow Study
    * Motor Starting Study
    * Protection Device (Relay) Coordination Study
    * Harmonic Load Flow Study
    * Arc Flash Study

  • LEW services

    Electrical Equipment Testing and Measurement

    We supply labour and equipment for:
    * Testing and servicing works of MV/LV Switchgears, Power Transformers and MV/LV Cables.
    * Partial discharge measurement of MV Switchgears, dissolved gas analysis test of transformer oil and infra red thermography of LV Switchgears.
    * Certification of hand tools and other equipment with LEW sticker.

  • LEW course

    LEW Course/ Safety Training

    We conduct safety and switching trainings as well as LEW preparation courses to electricians/technicians for electrical works.